Individual Lesson

Everything starts with Discovery.  For first time flyers we offer an initial Discovery lesson. During this session we cover the basics of how to operate the eFoil and most importantly we cover safety to make sure our customers have a great experience and can progress with confidence. After Discovery we offer the Progression program which is 4 levels of training to get you flying like a pro and ready for certification and membership!

Group Lesson

Group lessons follow the same structure as the Individual lessons.  The goal with groups of 2 or more is to give everyone a chance to practice the basics, then get all the boards on the water for everyone to build their experience and skills!


Membership sessions are available to customers that have been through the training program and are certified either from Leading Edge Water Sports or any other Affiliate through the LINK app.  Membership sessions have a discounted rate and flexibility to use the eFoil in 30 min increments.  Members are also entitled to participate in Leading Edge sponsored half-day excursions to explore CT’s coastline!