Lift Efoil

Innovation, technology, engineering, and materials create the ultimate product in water sports.

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Lift is the market leader in eFoils. They pioneered the concept of the eFoil and continue to innovate marking the worlds most durable, reliable, longest run time, and highest speed eFoil in the market.

Over a decade of development and fine tuning has resulted in the best eFoil on the market.  Lift strives to make the best product of the highest quality to support the most demanding of customers and conditions.  From professional athletes to people of all ages and skill levels the eFoil is the one product that can cater to any customers style.

Meet the 2021 Lift3 eFoils

Board Colors: Brushed White, Brushed Blue, Black

What Makes Up a Lift eFoil?

Let's review the components

Durable Construction

Full Carbon Fiber Construction - Built to Last

Lift eFoils are built in highly refined steel tools used to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures and heat, the same process used to create materials for race cars. Lift is the only eFoil company to use such advanced practices.

All the components from the board, mast, wings, and even the controller (Elite Package Only) are made from carbon fiber.

The results? A unique marbled carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than our previous models, and the lightest eFoils on the market today.

Not to mention, they look incredible.

Carbone fiber background

Customize Your Ride

Front & Rear Wing Options

Wings attach to the eFoil mast, and the shape of the wing changes the eFoil riding experience to offer a wide range of options for effectiveness, stability, and performance. Lift put 10 years of hydrofoil and wing design to use in creating a wide selection of dynamic wings for all types of eFoil  experiences. 

These include nine wing front options and four wing backs, offering the ultimate mix-and-match selection of options and customizations to eFoil owners.

Additional Components

The Tech That Puts It All Together

The eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil. An ergonomic, waterproof bluetooth controller that easily shows battery life, and allows you to swap quickly and intuitively between a multitude of speed and performance settings.  

Want to stop while on board? Just release the trigger. For added safety, as soon as the controller hits the water or if the board tilts past 45 degrees, the propulsion automatically stops.

The battery is built military grade tough and is totally waterproof with enough power allowing you to ride for well over two hours up to 35 mph on a two hour charge.


Special Complete eFoil Package Price MSRP $12,000

Financing Availible as low as


Lift3 Size Options

Which size board fits your style of riding?

4'2 Pro

Rider weight up to 220 lbs

The Pro is the most compact eFoil on the market and has unbelievable response in its carve–it feels like you’re flying on nothing at all.

Pair this board with the medium to smaller wings and you will have a very fast, agile, and performance platform. 

4'9 Sport

Rider weight up to 250 lbs

The Sport is a Leading Edge Water Sports favorite and our go-to recommendation for eFoilers, this board offers a great balance between stability and performance

Pair this board with the medium to smaller wings and you will have a very agile and sporty platform. 

5'4 Cruiser

Rider weight up to 275 lbs

This Cruiser is still short, but offers all the stability that any rider will need.  If you want to share the eFoil experience this is the perfect option.

Pair this board with the medium to large wings and you will have a very stable and maneuverable platform.  The 5’4 is the go-to size for most people and with the variety of wing sizes will allow you to ride in any conditions.

5'9 Explorer

Rider weight up to 300 lbs

Anybody can ride the Explorer and experience the sensation of flying over water without having previous skills or water sports know how.

Pair this board with the larger wings and you will have the most stable platform for a rider of any size or skill level.

This board is great for just exploring around and cruising with ease.