Operating Locations

Leading Edge Water Sports has 3 primary operating locations that customers can schedule a lesson or session.  We have been servicing the eFoil needs for Fairfield County, CT since 2020 and we are the only Lift Authorized Affiliate in CT.

Locations for Lessons & Sessions

With 3 primary locations to choose from pick the spot closest to you.


The beaches and harbor areas of Fairfield and Blackrock are ideal spots to eFoil.  The area is nice and open with not much boat traffic and other obstructions to contend with.  These locations are also ideal because you can get out and eFoil no matter the tide.  Some other locations near by in Westport are only accessible at high tide so consideration to the tides plays a role on session times that can be scheduled.

Milford, CT

Our location in Milford is an ideal spot to eFoil.  With ample parking and places to grab a bite to eat after a session Milford is a great place.  The area is nice and open with little to no boat traffic and it is always deep enough to fly no matter the tide.  Either before or after your session you can rent a paddle board, kayak, or bicycle from the rental shop right on the corner or just spend some time on the beach taking in the scenery.

Derby, CT

Our location in Derby is a great spot to eFoil.  This is currently our only freshwater location in the area located on the Housatonic River.  This spot is great because you can cruise around taking in the scenery while silently flying above the water.

Custom Locations for Lessons & Sessions

We are able and willing to come to a location near you or at your home for an additional $150 fee.