Our Gear

Interested in riding the new Lift3?

As Connecticut’s only premier Lift eFoil Affiliate.  Leading Edge Water Sports is committed to our customers and providing the newest gear to use.  As the technology changes and new accessories are added we will strive to have the latest and greatest gear for you to try.

Interested in trying the Lift3's?

For the 2021 season Leading Edge Water Sports with have 2 of the new Lift3 boards available for customers.

5'4 Brushed White

The 5’4 is our go-to training board.  With it’s minimal yet sufficient  size it is a great training platform for people new to eFoils.  We typically use the 300 front wing with a 48 rear wing to give any customer the ability to get up on the foil and experience flying above the water.  With this board and wing configuration it makes easy for anyone of any age and skill level the opportunity to get out on the water and fly with us.

4'9 Brushed White

The 4’9 is the best board for lighter flyers of any age and skill level.  With it’s smaller size the 4’9 is a very fun and nimble board to ride.  For new riders we would equip the board with the 250 front wing with the 48 back to provide a stable platform to learn with.  If a little more lift if required we can swap out the wing for the 300 and there is no doubt that anyone will fly above the water with ease.

Lift2 Board Inventory

We have our go-to boards from last season. Not a significant change vs. the 2021 and the fact that the wings are interchangeable we can rock and roll with the boards.

5'6 White

The 5’6 is our go-to training board.  With it’s minimal yet sufficient  size it is a great training platform for people new to eFoils.  We can put the larger 300 wing on the board but with this board we ran the 200 wing last season.  The board was put into service last May and is (in my option) better and smoother than the first ride.  We have trained countless customers on this board and is still a personal favorite of the Leading Edge team.

5'0 Carbon Fiber Black

The 5’0 is our sport board used by the trainers and customers that have prior experience.  The 5’0 is our most fun board to ride!  Typically we run the 200 wing with the board and it carves like a dream and lets you really push your skills with the eFoil.  Being smaller it’s a little tricky to get going for bigger folks but once you have the board under foot you feel connected to it with every response and input you give it.  This board was put into service in August of 2020.  Again another Leading Edge favorite to ride!

Leading Edge Water Sports Equipment Sales Opportunity

All of our boards are available for sale at any time for the right price. Let us know if you might be interested and we can discuss. Thanks for flying with us! Leading Edge team!!!